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Department of Political and Global Affairs

Model United Nations

What is Model UN?

Model United Nations (Model UN or MUN) invites students to participate in simulations inspired by the United Nations and other international bodies that deal with international crises and pressing global issues. Student “delegates” engage in negotiation and crisis management in structured scenarios that require students to demonstrate creativity, collaboration, and communication skills.

MTSU’s Model UN team travels to U.S. cities and to other countries to participate in competitive conferences that feature teams from dozens of universities. Each university represents one or more countries, and each country sends delegates to various councils, committees, and crisis simulations.

Model UN delegates at a conference in Atlanta.

How do I get involved?

The Model United Nations at MTSU is part of the Society for International Affairs (SIA). This student club holds meetings to discuss global issues and to prepare for future Model UN competitions. All majors are encouraged to participate, and meeting times will be posted ahead of time on the Society’s bulletin board outside of room 211 in Peck Hall. Interested students are invited to contact SIA/MUN faculty adviser Dr. Jon DiCicco, Professor of Political Science and International Relations, for more information.

Membership in SIA is strongly encouraged for all MTSU students interested in Model UN! Please use the MyMT portal to request membership in the Society for International Affairs. To make Model UN a co-curricular activity, students may also choose to enroll in PS 2130 Model UN and Crisis Simulation if their degree plans and schedules permit.

Why is it useful to me?

Anyone who is interested in political science, social studies, international law and international organization, geography, global affairs, or current events will find the Model UN educating, engaging, and fun. Among the valuable attributes acquired and honed through active participation in Model UN are debate, research, negotiation, parliamentary procedure, and creative thinking.

Potential employers as well as graduate and professional schools acknowledge that extracurricular activities can enhance a candidate’s prospects for admission or employment. Model UN is particularly attractive for students imagining careers in government, diplomacy, education, the law, and other sectors that value public service, public speaking, collaborative problem-solving, coalition-building, and strategic thinking.

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  • PS 3335 – International Development
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  • GEOG 3440: Geography of Asia and the Pacific Rim
  • GEOG 3470: Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • PS 3500 – International Law
  • PS 3510 – International Political Economy
  • PS 3910 – International Organization
  • GS 4000: Global Issues in Human Trafficking
  • GS 4010: Global War and Culture
  • PS/GS 4030 – Human Rights
  • PS 4180 – Contemporary African Politics
  • PS 4190 – Contemporary Middle East Politics
  • PS 4210 – International Conflict: Causes, Consequences, and Responses
  • PS 4240 – American Foreign Policy
  • PS 4260 – The Political Status of Women in the World
  • PS 4300 – Comparative European Government
  • PS 4310 – Comparative Asian Government
  • GEOG 4500: Geography of the Middle East and North Africa
  • PS 4690 – International Relations of the Middle East
  • PS 4801 – Senior Seminar in International Relations
MTSU Model UN students in Atlanta

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